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  • Smooth cellulite and fat tissue in no time at your home or spa with this wood therapy kit.
  • One-time up-front cost, and no painful treatments.
  • Nonporous surfaces: Our tools have a thick coat of sealed paint that doesn’t vanish, even after years of use. This is to prevent mold or microorganism to growth, making it easy to clean and sanitize.
  • Sturdy and made to last: 100% Pine wood, hand crafted in Colombia with an exquisite smooth finish.
  • Optimal solution for anti-cellulite and body contouring treatments that won’t damage your skin.
  • Make your life easy with clear and easy to understand step by step instructions on how to use body sculpting tools at not over cost to you. We are happy to provide protocols and video tutorials for our clients

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Professional Wood Therapy Maderoterapia Kit 7 Pieces, Deeper Cups providing better suction and Performance, Short Handle With Cap for better grip and to avoid the cup from slipping, Easy to Clean and sanitize, Non porous surfaces No microorganisms! 100% Made in Colombia 100% Natural Pine Tree, light weight, Pink Color

  • Our wood therapy tools are 100% Hygienic Wood, 100% Sealed Coat wood, 100% Finished Wood, It can be cleaned and disinfected easily
  • High Quality Wood therapy with Ergonomic Handles to prevent carpal tunnel and to prevent injuries to the therapist
  • Smooth and beautiful Finish, High Quality roller rod, will give you a smoother Maneuver
  • Comes with Pamphlet with tips and uses of this kit.

Kit of 7 Pieces Includes

  • 1 Engraved Cellulite Roller
  • 1 Cubed Roller “5 Large Cubes”
  • 1 Smooth Roller
  • 1 Swedish Cup
  • 1 Swedish cup with roller
  • 1 Contouring table
  • 1 Mushroom


Exclusive Baby pink Color



  • All tools are made from natural wood, and therefore should not be submerged in water, They are water resistant but not waterproof, They can be clean with a damp cloth and or disinfectant spray
  • Please note that each piece is handcrafted from wood and will exhibit minor variances in finish and appearance.
  • International buyers, please keep in mind customs fees in your country
  • Comes with Pamphlet with tips and uses of this kit.
  • Great for Body contouring, Eliminates Cellulite on legs, stomach reduction, Ad with weight loss, eliminates fibrosis, wood therapy massage can be done on your self and get excellent results, you will see the wood therapy before and after
  • This is the perfect kit if you are taking wood therapy classes or courses.
  • The perfect Contouring kit Instruments you must have in your spa or massage therapy Room
  • Wooden Therapy will tone, reduce, mold, and smooth stored fat in different parts of your body.
  • This practice of Wooden Therapy can also give natural buttocks lift without having costly, painful, or invasive plastic surgery
  • We suggest to learn all the techniques of application before use wood therapy in order to prevent injuries
  • 100% Maderotherapy Natural, No invasive, Eliminates toxins
  • Speeds up metabolism
  • Comes with Pamphlet with tips and uses of this kit.


Please see and zoom photos for more information

Feel free to contact us with any questions and be sure to visit our store


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  • Copas mas profundas para mejor succion y mejores resultados
  • Nuestra maderoterapia es 100% higienica ya que es madera sellada y 100% terminada se puede limpiar y desinfectar facilmente, especialmente cuando tienes varios usuarios en el dia
  • puedes limpiarla con un trapo humedo, con spray desinfectante o puedes ponerla en Luz UV.
  • Por ninguna razon debes sumergir la maderoterapia en agua ya que al ser madera natural podria dañarse

En este kit de maderoterapia se incluye

  • 1 Rodillo de cubos “5 Cubos grandes”
  • 1 Rodillo anticelulitico
  • 1 rodillo Mazorca
  • 1 Copa sueca
  • 1 Copa sueca con rodillo
  • 1 champinon profesional
  • una tabla profesional

Echo en pino madera natural Color Rosado

  • Barilla de alta calidad para que las partes de los rodillos giren libre y suavemente para prevenir ematomas en usuarios
  • Mangos ergonomicos Para prevenir lesiones en el terapeuta o prevenir sindrome del tunel del carpo
  • Terminados finos y hermosos
  • 100% Echo en Colombia
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