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These wooden wonders will

revolutionize your world.

we provide a complete transformation without the need for surgery

Uncover alternative techniques for refining your facial features

Lose the double chin, lift your face at home! 10 minutes, 3 times a week see results from session one. You’ve got to try it. It really works!

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Discover body art with wood therapy

Plaster girdles

Achieve a 5-7 cm reduction in stomach size in just 15 days, no diet or exercise required. It’s real!

Sculping Tools

These little mighties get it done.



A body shape you never dreamed of.


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Get sculpted with freeze aluminum tools: lift, tone, slim down!

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a wide range of products designed to enhance your body care routines.


Begin Your Success Story: Essential Wood Therapy Tools for New Pros!

Wood Therapy Metal

Ice Your Way to Fitness: Lift, Tone, Slim with Freeze Aluminum Tools for Body Sculpting!

Wood Therapy Tools Kit

Rejuvenate Naturally: Transform Your Face without Surgery – Facial Wood Therapy for Fat Reduction and Firming

Metal Therapy Ice Sculpting

Did you know that you can sculpt ice without the mess? This technique saves you cleaning time while delivering the same results as working with clay. You can also do it at home it’s easy to use! The results? Less fat tissue, cellulite, spider veins, and more toned skin. Here is our approach.

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How does it work colexan?

For those dedicated to achieving lasting results, understanding that weight loss, cellulite reduction, and attaining a harmonious body require time, effort, and discipline is crucial. Transformation is a gradual process, not an overnight fix. It demands a deep desire for change and the discipline to adopt a healthy lifestyle, setting a positive example for family and friends.

Wood therapy and body contouring techniques offer effective support in this journey. It’s not just about the tools; it’s about mastering a simple yet powerful technique. These methods accelerate progress towards the envisioned body, a secret weapon known to few and utilized by many behind the scenes. Embrace them as part of your holistic approach to body, mind, and emotional well being. I am here to be a stepping stone through wood therapy and body contouring techniques for you to succeed. Offering the best basic courses to start at no cost for clients, support, product warranty, and the highest quality wood therapy tools in the world you can count on that

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in Texas and have manufacturing facilities in Colombia South America, we were we maintain high quality control standards to provide the best products for our customers, who’s satisfaction is always guaranteed.

The wood therapy shop high quality tools was founded in 2018, the best products for professional estheticians body Contouring and massage therapists.

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